Co LeDahu's Latest Developments.

Further adventures and website modifications.

Composing this website kept me busy at the keyboard for about three months.
October 2003 I had finished to tell my story as I had in my mind at the start. With a little too much information for the regular visitor maybe, but I wouldn't skip anything important for interested fellow amputees and other experts.

Never having build a website before, I liked to do this all by myself. From the very start, with a HTML handbook on my lap. I was lucky my son Mike assisted me now and then whith the more complicated parts. He is a real computer wizzard.

My future website modifications will mainly concern layout and appearance. And ofcourse all future physical, mental and medical developments; progress in rehabilitation; changes in activities and daily life. To inform regular visitors this Newspage registers updates about the latest adventures of Co LeDahu.

To learn about the latest developments of Co LeDahu, click on the following pages:

During 2003:

During 2004:

  • Continued rehabilitation and getting ready fot a new prosthesis: click here

During 2005:

  • Training with the new prosthesis, snowsports, diving and much more: click here