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Websites about amputation and related subjects:

  • Marianne Timmer died much too early at July 2, 2004. On her Website she described her battle against cancer; her life with a hemipelvectomia and with much interesting information about amputations en prosthesis:
  • TC Harp's NEW website: a Harley-Davidson Road King rider from the USA with a lower-limb amputation tells a impressive story: //
  • Tim McCarthey (USA), retired police officer after an accident in the line of duty tells his impressive story on his homepage:
  • Brian (USA), a lower-limb amputee after he suffered 2 years from cancer and infections: the "Bear Face" homepage (USA):
  • Erwin Arnold, is a German lower-limb amputee, his homepage is very informative about sports with many wonderfull ski-pictures (in German language):
  • Christina Skoski (USA) is a Hemipelvectomy amputee since 1962, her homepage:
  • Rick Riley (USA) has a consultance agency and is an amputee himself:
  • Fred Pauloz (USA) makes art on covers and sleeves of a prosthesis, Fred is an amputee himself. Website of SleeveArt:
  • Ally's Home Page (South-Afrika): the story of a very strong Lady with an above-knee amputation since 1995... read her unbelievable and awfull story about how she has been treated in hospital after her accident!
  • Because information about hemimelia was so difficult to find the Hemimelia Support Group is formed. The Hemimelia Support Group site (UK) was created in July 2005 to provide basic online information.

  • Amputee Online Forum: a forum for amputees:
  • ATC (Michael Love Ass. Amputee Treatment Centre), with a forum for amputees:
  • Heather Mills-McCartney forum for amputees:
  • The UK site about motorsports for amputees "Disabled motorsport":
  • Motorcycle-Amputee: website created by Victor Walther, intended to provide information, encouragement, and inspiration for amputee and physically challenged motorcyclists: "Motorcycle Amputee":
  • Website by Garry Van Kirk about bikers who suffered a traffic accident: "Bikers Accident Survivor Forum.":
  • IAHD: International Association for Handicapped Divers:

  • Blatchford: parts for prosthesis:
  • College Park prosthesis feet:
  • Endolite, various prosthesis parts:
  • Freedom Innovations prosthetic feet:
  • Össur, very extensive range of prosthetic products for lower-limb amputees:
  • Otto Bock: vast site with many different prosthesis parts:

Other interesting websites named in the 1b1 homepage:

  • H-D Shop "The Oldtimer", where my H-D Sportster has been specialized for me:
  • The American Motorcycle Museum in Raalte (The Netherlands):
  • Everything about the Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycle: "XL-Forum", the largest totally interactive Sportster community in the world with over 3500 members: